Here Is Why the World is Obsessed with Gucci

Gucci Obsession!

   Here is Why the World is Obsessed with Gucci!

Well, let's face it. The world, and me included, are fascinated, obsessed, consumed, possessed, you name it, with Gucci. Now we are past why and we must show what's the hidden picture that makes us bewitched about a brand as old as modern fashion is.  People are often talking about the unwearable, funky and unusual designs of runways and they miss the whole point behind Gucci's main cause of obsession. That's the instagram fashion outfits brandishing Gucci iconic styles that are captivating people. Popular culture is to blame as it manufactured an unbeatable image of Gucci, an image that's haunting in streets, in movies, concerts, and in social media!
                                  Gucci Obsession in Pop culture:
  • Lil Pump '' Gucci Gang" 
            well, Gucci obsession is everywhere and Gucci is the most referenced fashion brand in hiphop music. The power of pop culture is never easy; it leaves a stamp that is hard to disappear for generations, and our generation is really about Gucci's Obsession.            
                                 Celebs Wearing Gucci!

  •                                     ALEXA CHUNG


Gucci in the street  is another story why we are completely obsessed by the assertive styles and logos, leitmotiv og Gucci's designs.

                                                       Photo Credit: Fashionista
I think the reason our generation is more obsessed with Gucci is because of the alternative, unusual, outsider, independent and assertive styles of Gucci. Most of the popular came when pop stars wore gucci-logoed products in our streets; now we can't image that obsession to ever fade as it has already invaded our streets with love and independent styles!
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