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For a shiny summer, and a for an unforgettable vacation, shop Isaac Mizrahi Sandals which are featured on all awesome stores, such as Zappos, Nordstrom, NeimanMarcus, and a lot more. The girlish shiny colors of the sandals inspire a long vacation where sand and blue water sing a beautiful symphony. Pink shiny sandals, coral and dark blue is a mixture that makes of Isaac Mizrahi sandals the cutest to shop, and believe to be spend a sparkling summer where all the merry joys meet to make of summer an always loved season.

The Colors:  the colors of summer, coral, pink, brown, gold, white and with a mixture and a combination of them all.

About Isaac Mizrahi:  Mizrahi is an American fashion designer who has been a leader in the fashion industry for almost 30 years, and he is well known for his eponymous line, fashion named after one person. His designs are better known for their cosmopolitan style. His footwear, in particular, demonstrates an unparalleled design, carefully selected colors--shiny ones for this summer!--and in which a combination of high-tech comfort with the capricious spirit of Isaac Mizrahi Brand. Shop Isaac Mizrahi New York Sandals and Shoes cuz they are built to be worn day and night.

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Isaac Mizrahi New York™ echoes the designer's signature style: timeless and cosmopolitan, but always with a dash of whimsy and irreverence. Design elements recall the iconic styling of the 1950's and 1960's, but Isaac Mizrahi styles are designed to multitask just as well as the women who wears them! 

Featuring a cushioned, eight-layer sole that feels as good as it looks, Isaac Mizrahi's footwear line is built with both versatility and wearability in mind-it's the epitome of day-to-night, work-to-weekend style.

Isaac Mizrahi New York 'Beluga' Sandal | NordstromIsaac Mizrahi New York 'Beluga' Sandal

  • Shop Isaac Mizrahi New York Shoes and Sandals on Bloomingsdale

and a lot more on

A designer, and a brooklyn-born, New York, hence the eponymous name Isaac Mizrahi New York. The label was picked up by Chanel SA in 1994, and Mizrahi launched a line of affordable IS**C sportswear and dresses. And as the shoes and sandals exhibit, Mizahi is a fan of color, pink, coral, and shiny, wearability and addressed for women fun.

                                                                                 Our Favourite

Isaac Mizrahi New York Women's Treva Platform Sandal
Isaac Mizrahi New York Women's Treva Platform Sandal

Damon Winter/The New York Times

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